Flexibility with a Keg Program? Never heard of it. 

Flexibility with keg leasing or financing is difficult to come by. Suppliers tend to lock you into long term contracts or have significant exit penalties for returning a keg early. Purchasing your own kegs outright is no better either, spending thousands of dollars on steel and then having them sit around in your brewery or paying someone else for storage is less than ideal. With the pandemic this year, the value of flexibility within your keg fleet was highlighted more than ever.


At Kegshare, we understand the value flexibility and don’t try to hold our partner’s feet to the fire, especially in circumstances as unpredictable as the pandemic. We didn’t build this into our program because of the pandemic, it has always been there because we know the needs of our partners can change at a moment’s notice. They can change when a partner lands a significant contract with a large licensee chain, or when there’s a market shift in preference from 50L kegs to a smaller size such as a 30L or perhaps a 19.5L. The flexibility Kegshare offers to satisfy these changes are built-in. We allow for our partners to switch the sizes of their kegs at a moment’s notice, or scale their keg fleet down without the significant penalties.

Not only can you scale your fleet down if needed, but you can also scale your fleet up. Ever been in a situation when you need extra kegs for that large order your sales manager just received out of the blue? Sometimes kegs can take weeks or even months to be delivered, but with Kegshare our distribution partners hold a healthy supply of kegs in each province so you can get your kegs fast when you need them most.


With the pandemic being as unpredictable as it has been with the constant reopening and closures across our country, now more than ever is flexibility being considered a factor when signing up for a batch of kegs. At Kegshare, we’ve got you covered when you need it most.